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Cosmoseffect Services are focused on helping the "Design Professional" operate quicker optimizing their workflow and securing their data. We also provied design solutions and dtp services that help you grow and control your overhead.

Let us Effect You and help you give your clients top level services and at the same time reduce you costs.

Amazon S3 Storage Solutions

We help the design professional set up and maintian your cloud storage using Amazon S3 services, for statups up to enterprise solutions.

Server Hosting

We help the design professional with virtual private server or dedicated servers to host all your clients and your web projects.

Web Coding

We help the design professional brig there web design to life using all the latest coding tech, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, PHP.


We help the design professional produce perfect files for all every printing type


We help the design professional to complete there designs with guidelines and specs.


With our exprience we help the design professional make better decisions and complete the projects quicker and more efficient.


Here are some of our effects.

Custom Eshop

ASCS Doner Wall


Campus Bus



Cosmoseffect was created from our personal need to help others from our experience in the fileds of package design and industrial design. We then saw the need that our clients had in cloud and IT services. Today we help the design professional in any of aspect of their projects. We are always there to assist you with suggestions to help complete you projects.

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